It has arrived

Overnight the power apparently went off for a little while, resetting most clocks in the house. I was whinging about this to a colleague at work, and got onto the whole saga of my old alarm clock and its hopefully imminent replacement, lost somewhere in CourierLand.

Not five minutes later, another bloke comes up. “Just signed for you on this, Daniel”, and hands me a package. From Sony.

The clock. The clock has arrived!

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8 Replies to “It has arrived”

  1. Leo: it does.
    Ron: he did.
    Barb: Thanks.
    Was/Trish: I’ll reserve judgement for a few days. The pic on the box was a bit of a let-down. It looks nicer in person.
    Rae: I’ve still got an excuse until I learn how to set the alarm!

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