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Observations from a crowded train

Turned on my phone at 7am. Beep beep, beep beep. 9:01 train cancelled. Connex apologises for any inconvenience. (Is it really a sincere apology if it was typed by a programmer into the automated alerts system, and it's just the computer repeating it ad nauseum ever after?) So it was no surprise when I got to the station a couple of hours later (after breakfast, shower, dressing, glooping toothp

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Daniel’s diary FAQ

Where it came from What's in it Where it's going to Why this name Comments Other stuff Where it came from When I originally started writing and posting stuff to the Net (via e-mail and Usenet) in 1990, it was pretty much all off-the-wall "I wish I was a Python" surreal bizarro kind of stuff. And arguably not particularly funny. But by the mid-90s a lot of it had morphed into more au