Refund where credit’s due

Remember the $13.62 mobile ringtone? Well there’s a happy ending.

Well I got a letter from apologising for it, and a $13.62 refund cheque! Obviously someone there has been reading my diary, and they worked out where to reach me. Such is the power of the web these days that evidently they thought it was worthwhile.

In the letter they point out that they weren’t responsible for running the ringtone service, or the charges involved (fair enough), and that they’ve now taken ringtones off their web site “to avoid any further customer dissatisfaction”.

Personally I hope they can find a more decently-priced ringtone service to hook up to, but full marks to them. That, ladies and gentlemen, is good customer service.Thumbs up!

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3 Replies to “Refund where credit’s due”

  1. Oh great. Now I’m going to have people calling the helpdesk wanting us to go that extra mile too. *grrrr* *L* Glad you got your money back though. That rates. :D

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