Eight out of eight, baby

Well the last weekend of footy tips has just gone, and there was a great article in Saturday's Age about the whole phenomenon, well worth reading. I've had a good year in the footy tipping. So when at the start of the weekend, I was equal first in the work competition, and leading by 1 point in Tony's competition. Now it's the end of the weekend... and I've got a big eight out of eight. A

Photos, transport


I'm not much of a gunzel really. The world of gunzelism is something that can range from mild interest in things railed through to knowing everything but everything there is to know about every tramway and rail carriage and engine ever in service (and quite a few that never were). In conversation some months ago, I discovered that Marita and Justine's test of gunzelness is as follows: Questi

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Here are my bins

Welcome back to the next installment in my celebration of the mundane. Here are my bins, all three of them, posed together. (They normally only sit together on the kerb on garbage day, which is Friday morning in my neck-of-the-woods.) As usual, hold your mouse over stuff in the picture to read about them. (Firefox users will have to right-click, choose Properties, then scroll through the

Consumerism, Friends and loved ones

The haul

Was having a chat with my sister earlier in the week about birthday presents. She said she was sending quality, not quantity. And you know, this is a philosophy I agree with. I'm at the point where I have a well-paid job and if there's something I want, I can just go and buy it (well, up to a point). Obviously I'm lucky in this regard, and it may not always be like this once I get a mortgage, but

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Last straw

Right, that's it. I've had it with this government. It was one thing lying about Children Overboard and going to war despite being told it would increase the threat from terrorism, telling us it would decrease the risk. (See here for the ALP's list of Howard's lies, and here for the Liberals' reaction.) But this: the PM spamming? I've long taken the attitude that won't buy something advertis


I really must do something

...about this pot. It's been sitting next to the sink since Sunday, with this burny mark in it. I don't want to use steel wool 'cos it'll stuff-up the enamel surface. Yeah it's one of those Le Cruisset (or however you spell them) French pots. I'm not much of a cook, but I love it. Admittedly I only ever cook bolognaise sauce in it. Really must get it cleaned properly, before the current bologna


Blast from the past

Phone rang yesterday. I guy I used to work for. Nice bloke, who has the unfortunate tendency to let his business associates run rings around him. After I left his employ, they ran one too many rings around him, and sent his company into administration and my former colleagues unemployed. Shame. Anyway he said he was trying to get some of his old projects up and running again, and had got hold o


A call

She just called from Bratislava, Slovakia. She got there today. On Friday she called from Budapest. They'd arrived to find it was St Stephen's Day and everything was shut. Both times the line was clearer than when talking to her on her old cordless phone in Footscray. I'm glad she's having a good time.