Some people are having problems believing the seagulls in Finding Nemo were saying “Mine!”. Apart from issues surrounding the operation of the human ear, some have ignored the evidence of how seagulls behave and the context of the dialogue. One person insisted that since they’re Australian seagulls, they must be saying “Mate!”. Yup, ‘cos Australians just say “Mate!” all the time.

So my mate Tony offered to grab a still off the DVD, with the subtitles turned on. And here it is. Thanks mate.

I rest my case. Smug mode on. (Yup, I would have been grumpy if I’d been wrong.)

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12 Replies to “Mine”

  1. Those seagulls look remarkably like the penguin in Wallace and Gromit and The Wrong Trousers (at least their head shape…….).

  2. Thank the Gods. You’ve brought clarity to a situation that has seen me ridiculed by my workmates since this movie was released.

    First thing Monday, probably during morning tea, I may just produce this evidence to them. Casually. And proceed to stir my coffee smugly.

    Thanks Daniel.

  3. Well golly me, a new parlour game:

    ‘Guess What He Said’

    Main Prize: VINDICATION.

    No wonder I hate movies. Can’t stand them.

  4. Fria, yes, subtitlers get it wrong sometimes (see Doctor Who: The Five Doctors, for Tegan introducing herself with the wrong surname). But generally they’d have access to the scripts. And in this case, it ties in with the context of the dialogue, how seagulls behave, and the majority of people’s hearing.

  5. It seems the movie has spawned a whole bunch of people who now like to imitate seagulls the minute they see them… “mine, mine, mine, mine”…

    But here’s a question… Towards the end of the movie, there are some crabs at the end of the sewer line… Do they say “MATE”?

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