Here is my bathroom cabinet

Here is my rather unnattractive chocolate brown bathroom cabinet. All the bathroom features are chocolate brown plastic. That’s what comes from renting a house I suppose.

As usual you can pause your mouse over various bits to see text about it. (Sorry Firefox users, for some reason you’ll only see the first few words unless you specifically look at the properties of the link).

You can only see the lefthand shelves in this picture because of the awkward way the door/mirror works. But there’s virtually nothing in the righthand shelves anyway. Must be because I’m lefthanded.

So, let’s see yours. Put your links in the comments/trackback.

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9 Replies to “Here is my bathroom cabinet”

  1. Ooh this looks like fun I can do this one – will take a piccie tonight and put it on my site.

    On an unrelated to this topic but related to other discussion, I am tweaking wordpress now so should be over to the new system in a couple of days. All sparkly new for the bathroom cabinet! :)

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