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The thrill is gone

SMS used to be exciting. It could be a greeting from my jetsetting sister, anywhere in the world... or my mate the tour guide, also in exotic places. It's lost its mystique. Particularly on weekdays, it's no fun anymore. Here's why. I know it's optional, in these dark days certainly useful, and it's all part of the technology becoming mature and part of everyday life, but it's a shame the e


Damn that adware

Tony pointed me to an interesting article on Charles Wright's Bleeblog about "Zero-Day holes" -- security flaws that may have been in products forever, with not even the manufacturer knowing. Not entirely surprising I suppose. From time to time we hear of some research company telling us about the latest problem they've found in Windows or Internet Explorer, and that Microsoft has issued a patch.

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Weekend (more-or-less in order)

Crisis on Friday night when a certain girlfriend lost her handbag. It hasn't shown up yet either. Perhaps the taxi driver liked the look of the two books contained within. And the glasses. Finally watched Bowling For Columbine. I can't think of much to say about it than probably hasn't been said before. I'll just give it the thumbs up and move on. Got my hair cut on Saturday. Consequently wh


Gastronomic delights

Tempo. It must have made their day when ten of us tramped in off Degraves Street, followed by mild panic when no table proved quite big enough to accomodate us. But we managed to squeeze in somehow. The chef probably reacted with some incredulity when faced with seven orders for the Lasagne, whose reputation preceded it. It was damn good, too. The bruschetta, House Red and a hot chocolate afterwar

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Friday snippets

A flurry of activity at the school yesterday when I dropped the kids off, as a film crew had arrived to record a public service advert to go to air later in the year. SunSmart, or healthy eating, or exercise, one of those types of things. They had wheeled in actors to play the main characters, and also brought along a fake section of wall with a old-style target painted on it. (Reminds me of A


Virtual cleanup

Recently I was looking through a bunch of old floppy disks, having a bit of a cleanup, and found a bunch of old favourite sound files, which I thought I'd share. Most of them date back to a job in 1996... A short rant about the Internet (from "ER" of all things) Classic line from Gus on "Drop The Dead Donkey", quoting George. Warning, coarse language! I think I had my PC set up to play this


Next / tipping

Neal Stephenson's "Snow Crash" is next on my reading list. I'll let you know what I think of it when I've got beyond the first page. I ummed and ahhed about my footy tips on Friday. I tipped Geelong, then on reading the paper I changed my mind and tipped Brisbane. Then I pondered if I should be loyal to my team, and considered changing it back. I logged back onto the web sites and came within a



Once Upon a Time in the Midlands (DVD). Some good acting (Robert Carlyle is rarely not), some funny moments (particularly Ricky Tomlinson), some poignant moments. But ultimately there was something lacking in this movie, and I don't think it was just because some of the dialects weren't quite intelligible. For instance, after the punch-up at the end, why on earth would Dek let Jimmy take his belov