Just upgrading to WordPress 1.2. I see the comments have vanished. This will be fixed shortly.

(Well, after I’ve done the dishes.)

10:30pm. Okay seems to be working. Some of the trackbacks and other wierdo URLs aren’t working ‘cos I have to find time to fiddle the .htaccess file to cope with my old archives. Will get to it eventually.

The next morning. All seems to be working, though the trackbacks show up in comments instead. I’ll fix that. Also want to do some fiddling to make commenting expire on posts older than X days, to help prevent comment spam.

Overall, I’m very impressed with WordPress 1.2. Was a super-easy upgrade from 1.0, and has a stack of new features I’ll explore. Well done to the WP team.

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5 Replies to “Upgrading”

  1. Is the downgrade in the RSS feed meant to be part of the upgrade? Previously, the RSS feed included the full text of the post, now it only includes the first couple of lines.

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