Gleaming white shiny teeth

D-Day again yesterday. The twice-annual visit to the dentist. Amazingly he gave my teeth a clean bill of health. Said they looked fine, and obviously I was doing okay with my brushing and flossing. I didn't feel inclined to tell him I'm only flossing when I remember to do so -- which is pretty much once a fortnight or so, plus two or three times in the week just before a checkup. Took the kids

Working life

She saw nothing

Went into the gent's at work. Standing at the urinal just about to get on with it when there's a knock. "Hello?" Female voice. Must be a cleaner -- one of several middle-aged women in dusty blue uniforms, generally seen spending an inordinate amount of time polishing the brass fittings in the building's foyer. She's checking if it's safe to come in. "Yeah", I call back, trying to indicate that

Culture, Food'n'drink


Zoomed down the freeway to Kathy & Gary's housewarming on Saturday afternoon. A very nice house, impressively huge, reminiscent of a Viking hall perhaps. That is, a big central living/dining/cooking/study area, high ceiling and a lot of wood involved. Maybe they'll invite all their friends back there for a spirited sing around the fire after going out in the long boats and pillaging a village

Health, Sport

Finger in your ear

Footy tipping... 7 out of 8. Not too shabby for the first round. Would have been a perfect 8 out of 8, but I was foolish enough to be loyal to my own team and tip Geelong. The other week I went and saw the doctor about the headaches I'd been getting. Turned out to be a similar diagnosis to a couple of years ago (probable inflammation of a muscle in my jaw), but during the examination he was pro



I dreamt that I woke in the night (not unusual recently), hearing noises in the house. Not just the usual possums ballroom dancing in the ceiling, but something louder, like people moving about the kitchen and the hallway, creaking on the floorboards. Initially I felt groggy and unable to move, but eventually woke up enough to go and confront them, holding a towel (!) for protection. I burst in


Political intrigue and sci-fi

The Brits seem to have the monopoly on making good political thrillers for television. Think of the classics: Edge of Darkness, A Very British Coup, or House of Cards -- the TV adaption of the latter was so successful it spawned more books and their subsequent TV adaptions, though alas the climactic final scenes of the last book, where Urquhart masterfully manoevres himself from disgraced politici

Consumerism, Food'n'drink

Cream cheese

I have an oversupply of cream cheese. I don't mind cream cheese on occasions. A week or two ago I was wandering idly through the supermarket and picked up a tub. I've dabbed it onto a piece of toast or two. I might just get through it before it expires. Yesterday at Parliament Station as I came through the ticket barrier, the promotional people were out in force, and they thrust into my hand

Home life, Sport

The challenge

Update on the cable: Optus initially said "Well, we don't prune bushes", but after hearing the whole story (especially the bit where it's at risk of damaging lots of their equipment if it comes tumbling down) have been convinced to come and get their cable. They say they'll be out on Thursday morning to take it away. This week the ultimate contest begins. Yes, it's footy tipping time again. It'

Home life

I have cable

In my front garden next to the verandah is a humungous bush, featuring bright purple leaves flowers and green branches with soft thorns. It's growing, Triffid-like, out of control, and I regularly have to take the hedge clippers to it to prevent its spread blocking (or at least making awkward) access to the front door. It's a good method of stress relief actually. Hack! Hack! Hack! Attached to