The latest virus has swept the world, and is now responsible for numerous e-mail slowdowns and other weirdness. The anti-virus companies’ hype machines are working overdrive, with one trumpetting from the rooftops that it’s the worst ever. The media are happily lapping it up. Funny thing is the different names that the various anti-virus companies […]

Food'n'drink Melbourne


It started with a little rain, gushing down the sides of the train. When we got to the next stop, in the sudden quiet you could hear it hitting the window, and people began to look up from their newspapers and books. It was pouring down in almost a surreal manner, making ripples on the […]

Geek Home life Melbourne


The ticket inspector on the tram the other week was incredibly polite “Thank you very much” when he noticed I had a yearly ticket. He wasn’t to know that I’d bought it on the last day of last year to avoid the price rise, saving about $200 in the process. The guy in the desk […]

Home life Working life


It’s late. Or is it early? 2:49am and I’ve been sitting here almost an hour and a half, watching the work computers, waiting for some guys to finish their night time firewall work. It looks cold and grey outside. Thankfully it’s only very occasionally that I have to do this kind of thing. Anyway usually […]


Hazard for cyclists

Spent yesterday driving up to Kyneton and Castlemaine. Just for exploring, the country air, and the company. Noted on the freeway, a sign saying “Dull day? Use your low beam headlights”. Well, we were having a quite interesting day, so the headlights stayed off. We did see a number of other people in cars who […]


Instant Movie Review

The Rage in Placid Lake. Very very enjoyable. Ben Lee not being a wanker. Hilarious parents played by Miranda Richardson and Gary Mcdonald. Sure on the face of it it’s a little Ab-Fabbish, but there’s enough other stuff going on to make it very funny — and the scene with the short film is hilarious.


Food rumour

Hot and totally unsubstantiated rumour is that Cadbury are thinking of altering their Australian chocolate recipe, making it sweeter to bring it into line with their UK and European operations. Damn globalisation. I like it the way it is, and on this Australia Day, I call on all right-thinking Aussies to march on Parliament to […]

Geek Retrospectives

Ancient geeks: a short history of MSN

Dunno if anybody remembers, but MSN was originally not a web site, it was a
proprietary online service, with its own set of dialup Points Of Presence, and its own media standards.

Food'n'drink transport

Late to work

Not that I critically had to be in at a particular time, but I did arrive later than intended at work this morning. I could have blamed the late train. I could have blamed the previous train that I just missed. I could have blamed the crowds of tourists walking slowly in the arcade from […]

Politics and activism

John Howard and state schools

John Howard commented over the weekend that he thought parents were taking their kids out of government schools and moving to the independents because state schools are “too politically correct and too values-neutral”. What a crock of shit. Too politically correct? Values-neutral? What does that mean? That schools that don’t conform to Howard’s nostalgic vision […]