Subway newbie

Ate at Subway yesterday with the kids. I am seriously out of my depth there. Must have spent a good couple of minutes staring up at the menu before even daring to approach the counter. Eventually figured out what we wanted to order, and the woman behind the counter started asking the hard questions. Like "what kind of rolls?" and "would you like salad on it?" And I thought "Cheese?" was a simple q

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Radio across the globe

Was chatting the other day to Tony about radio web casts from across the globe, and I was remembering how much harder it used to be before the age of the Innanet. About 20 years ago I had a rickety old shortwave radio with which I used to listen to the BBC World Service. It only worked when the solar activity was minimal, and they used to switch frequencies at different times of day and year. B

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What’s changed?

With my sister and her husband having returned to Australia after about 3 years of being away (and for my sister, about 5 years away from Melbourne), I find myself explaining the little things that have changed while they've been away. Things that are new. They've been reading the news from overseas, they know the big stuff. It's the little stuff. Supermarket discount petrol vouchers. Kath &

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I guess I get a little emotional sometimes

A pretty good Christmas haul. A brilliant (two volume) book, some DVDs, some chocolate, a groovy t-shirt, groovy CDs, and a stuff-yourself-all-afternoon Christmas lunch. I've got no complaints. Tonight I tried to make nachos. I think I may have given myself excess cheese poisoning. I was sitting at home, on my own in the dark, watching the news, about the tsunami disaster. Awful pictures of

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Here is my bookcase

Here is my bookcase. Well, one of them, probably the most interesting one. There are others elsewhere in the house containing CDs and kids books; videos; boring geeky books and magazines. If there is one thing I regret about my book collection it's that in early adulthood I was so addicted to TV that I read a lot of crappy novelisations of my favourite TV shows. Most of them were a complete was

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Christmas Eve

Christmas means different things to different people... some mark the birth of Christ, others the solstice, for some it's just another public holiday, for many it's a chance to spend up big on presents, max out the credit card. I fall into the camp of using the day to get together with family, to give them all presents, eat way too much food (and yet have plenty of leftovers), and via Christmas


Once-a-year chance

I have a once-a-year chance coming up. In my kitchen is a six-pack of beer of a brand that I don't normally drink. I think someone left it after the last party. I'd rather not take it to somebody else's party, as I'd feel duty-bound to drink it, and like I say, I normally don't. Then I read an article about Christmas gifts left for posties and garbos and paper boys and so on. Have times c



I've been going to the same dental surgery for the last ten years or so, every 6-8 months. It should be every 6, but in practice I tend to wait until they ring me to make an appointment (what, like I'd WANT to go?), and so it usually ends up at about 8. The actual dentists in attendance, however, have varied. Every few years they'll switch around, and when I went along yesterday, the baton had

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Unexpected spree

I've got a couple of days off work... happy dance, happy dance, nyah nyah. Actually it's not really smugworthy, given I'm going to the dentist this morning. On Sunday I unexpectedly went on a consumer electronics buying spree. First, the VCR started misbehaving. Tape playback fuzzy. Same with a couple of other tapes. Found the occasionally used head-cleaner tape, but the liquid bottle was empty