Highlights of my weekend

Saturday 12:00. Put a bunch of whites in the washing machine. Put soap liquid in. Close machine. Turn dial, ready to start. 14:00. Open machine. Pull washing out into a basket. Notice it seems remarkably dry. Must be because it's a hot day. Don't have time to hang up yet, so leave in basket. 14:45. Drive car to Safeway Plus petrol. How is it that a relatively simple petrol station layout, involv


Late late late Christmas shopping

The new Melway. Not just a street directory, more a way of life. On Friday afternoon I headed over to Chadstone to buy the presents I didn't get given for Christmas. You see, in our family we freely admit that we're crap at choosing presents for each other (at least most of us are - those that aren't are pretty damn good) and so we exchange lists of suggested gifts. And


Christmas Eve

Getting into the Christmas spirit. Since it's Christmas Eve, I wore a Christmas hat for much of the day... out at lunch, on the train home, that kind of thing. I discovered last week that wearing a silly hat can make some of my workmates laugh, and it seemed like a small price to pay to bring some laughter into the world. In fact, hardly anybody laughed at me. At least,


Almost Christmas

It's almost Christmas. I've got all the presents. Haven't wrapped them all yet. Soon. Very soon. On Friday night I went out with my sister and some of her friends to see the second last Mavis's concert. The Mavis's are a band that I'd heard of, but if I passed them in the street, I wouldn't recognise them. And if asked to name one of their songs, I'd struggle. But I did recognise a few of the son


You’re kidding!

Bloke on the train this morning in a pinstripe suit. His phone rang. "Hello? .... WHAT?! You're kidding! Really?..... Oh you have to be joking!" What corporate crisis could it be? Creditors out of control? Administrators called in? Business collapse? Industrial disaster? Or something bigger? Breaking news? Bin Laden captured? Or another terrorist attack? The audience of fellow traveller


Buy, buy, buy!

The Age, Tue 18/12 I wonder if anybody in a position of power ever takes notice of letters to newspapers? I'm pretty damn pleased with myself. Managed to get just about all my Christmas shopping done yesterday. Not that there was a humungous number I planned to get, but it was all a bit intimidating before I started. First step was a trip to Chadstone. "What?!" you're t

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Another week gone, and Christmas is creeping ever closer. Tomorrow I'm going to make a concerted effort to get all my Christmas presents bought and ready. Had a bit of a laugh this morning when I saw an internal memo at <monolithic corporation I work for>. Apparently they're economising, and their way to save a few shekels this year is to get rid of all the plants that they rent... well, no



Nothing much happening at the moment, and I'm struggling somewhat to think of anything interesting to write in this diary thing. I mean sure, I could write about what I've been up to, but given that it was all so dull, would anybody be the slightest bit interested? I doubt it. I did realise over the weekend that I'd better get my skates on and send some kind of gift to a few of my overseas relativ



The book I went to see Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone last night. Great movie, very enjoyable. Of the people I went with - some who had read the book, some who hadn't - all of them seemed to like it a lot. I had arranged it all, e-mailing around a few friends last week to see who wanted to go. The general consensus was for Saturday night, which resulted me being - for th