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Sing along with 75,000

On Saturday night the MCG was the place to be. It was the venue for the day/night Mushroom 25th birthday charity concert, a concert with most of the biggest names in the Australian music industry - Baaaaaarnsey!, Mossey, and umm... Molly, Kelly, Dannii and Kylie. Not to mention an reformation by those members of INXS who are still in the land of the living (with Baaaaarnsey! as frontman). And virt



I just had a tooth taken out. (Sorry, should I warned in advance that this diary entry contained dental content?) It's not the most fun thing to do, I admit. Not my favourite way to spend a Saturday morning. Probably not yours either. Oh, sure, I had a choice. I could either have my top left wisdom tooth wrenched out of my skull... or I could wait until the decay that had started to eat away at t


Cup Day

Tuesday is Melbourne Cup Day. I get the feeling that people in other parts of the world don't really believe the truth about Cup Day. The way that (a) it's a public holiday in honour of a horse race, and that (b) the nation stops when the race starts at about 3:20pm. As I see it, it's a great idea for a public holiday. It's one of the few holidays that people actually participate in. I mean, on t