Friends and loved ones

A 36 degree (Celsius, that is) Christmas

Christmas yesterday for me was one of the all time great Christmasses. Everything went brilliantly. We started with a picnic at Point Ormond, letting the breeze coming off the bay keep us cool in the heat. When it got too hot and windy to stop the food blowing around the park or to keep playing […]


A quiet Monday night’s mosh

Last night I found myself with a couple of mates enjoying a concert at the Central Club in Richmond. It started with the support to the support: a band I’d never heard of and have now forgotten the name of. John and I were listening to each song, trying to decide which other act they […]

Health Working life


My boss is a pretty good guy, but he’s the type who gets stressed easily. I think it’s because he manages to involve himself in virtually every aspect of his company, down to the kind of level of detail which strictly speaking he doesn’t really need to worry about. Well, on Thursday night he had […]

Morons on the road transport

Phun with phones

A couple of years ago, I had a regular TCWF feature called "Moron of the Week". It showcased a particularly moronic driver I’d seen on the roads that week. People liked it, but I got tired of the concept. Tonight however, I spotted one. Getting off the tram to go home, a woman in a […]

Melbourne music

Sing along with 75,000

On Saturday night the MCG was the place to be. It was the venue for the day/night Mushroom 25th birthday charity concert, a concert with most of the biggest names in the Australian music industry – Baaaaaarnsey!, Mossey, and umm… Molly, Kelly, Dannii and Kylie. Not to mention an reformation by those members of INXS […]



I just had a tooth taken out. (Sorry, should I warned in advance that this diary entry contained dental content?) It’s not the most fun thing to do, I admit. Not my favourite way to spend a Saturday morning. Probably not yours either. Oh, sure, I had a choice. I could either have my top […]


And the winner is…

TAB: 4 bets, $10, lost. 2 x Office sweepstakes, total $5, got second prize in lesser sweep, $2.40. Better than my usual effort of losing it all, I suppose.


Cup Day

Tuesday is Melbourne Cup Day. I get the feeling that people in other parts of the world don’t really believe the truth about Cup Day. The way that (a) it’s a public holiday in honour of a horse race, and that (b) the nation stops when the race starts at about 3:20pm. As I see […]

books Melbourne

Hold it right there!

Left the car at home today. Getting on the tram with me this morning were about a dozen schoolgirls wearing black jeans, decorated black t-shirts, and all carrying a wide variety of scary-looking (yet brightly coloured) water guns. They chattered away like schoolgirls, but adopted the pose of Special Operations Group cops, pointing their guns […]

Melbourne Travel

Bay in a day

Yesterday, just for something different, and as part of our pledge to see more of our own country before we go off gallanting around the world again (like last month), we drove all the way around Port Philip Bay. Yes, I know technically speaking it’s called Port Philip, but let’s not get too caught up […]