Politics and activism

Live from Canberra

Is it just me, or does the Federal Government have absolutely no imagination? PM John Howard is trying his darndest to back Australia out of binding targets for greenhouse gas reduction, which quite frankly is pretty embarrassing to a lot of Australians, myself included. I mean, I can certainly commit myself to reducing my own greenhouse gas emissions before 2010, but it probably won't help very


A confession

I have a confession to make - particularly to those of you reading who know me personally. This is not something that it's easy to admit. I'm afraid my friends might not understand how I could change like this. They might desert me, but I have to face up to what I have done, right or wrong. I've taken up regular exercise. There. I've said it. Running. I've taken up running. Just a few times a wee



For ages now I've been saying that I should take the effort and learn to drive. Here I am, 27 years of age and I've never learnt. Hey, I never got round to it, okay? Well, I've finally decided that even if I don't intend to go out and buy a car straight away, I should learn to drive, before I go senile and my brain shuts off from old age and I can't. So I've been reading the Traffic Handbook for


All the latest

From time I write a little piece updating some of the things I've mentioned previously. And right now seems like as good a time as any to do so. Our local "Variety" store, having proclaimed in July that they were having a "Closing Down Sale", closed its doors for the last time over the weekend. This was a complete surprise to me - I was expecting another marathon series of &qu


Daniel the anarchist

While doing a little Egosurfing last week (Egosurf means to look on the Web for references to your own pages) I found this web page: http://www.ncs.gov/n5_hp/n5_ia_hp/html/eitr/apendx_a.htm Anybody who knows absolutely anything about HTML can spot straight off that it's an extremely badly constructed page - in fact if you go to the page, it will look better if you view the source code in your W


Serrano, Christ and me

In recent years I've become fiercely proud of my country, and the city I live in, Melbourne. Not the kind of swollen chest, flag-waving, shouting "we're bloody great!" pride, more the kind of subtle, lump in my throat when I hear a Paul Kelly song pride. This is especially the case since I married an American, and over the years have shown a lot of her relatives around town. Melbourne i


Around and around

WARNING: The following diary entry contains material that may reveal to your kids some facts about Daisy The Dairy Cow that they'd prefer not to know. Have you ever gone through the day with that really annoying moronic top ten dance single that you heard on the radio just before you left the house, going around and around in your brain? Well, it happens even more with children's music - though t



Every week we enter Tattslotto. (Gawd, I'm getting old, aren't I.) Actually, to be entirely accurate, every Saturday afternoon we remember that we were going to enter Tattslotto, and we umm and ahh about taking the card down and entering. "Should I take it down. Aww, but it's raining, I can't be bothered. Oh, but if our numbers came up, we'd be kicking ourselves..." But last week I had


Just another boring week

Here we are at the end of the week again. I'm just trying to figure out if anything interesting happened to me by looking back through my actual, physical, paper diary. I suppose you could call this thing you're reading the virtual diary, if you go in for all that virtual this and virtual that junk. How about the Virtual CyberDiary? Revolting, isn't it. Anyhow, I keep my diaries separate, mostly


The day the world of music changed

Saturday found us wandering around Flemington Racecourse, though due to various family illnesses we could just as well call it Phlegmington. We were trying to find where on earth in the complex my friend Stewart's kids' band Jump 2 It would be making their first public appearance. Luckily we eventually found them (or to be completely accurate, they found us). What can I say about the performance