I've been reading over the past couple of weeks how the Duchess Of Fergie is in debt - the estimates being between two and six million dollars. In the course of this discussion, let us go with the lowest of the two amounts. $2 million?! TWO MILLION DOLLARS? How the hell do you get $2 million into debt(*)? That's more than some small countries! It's surely not an easy thing to do. I know if I trie



Sunday I spent the evening at a barbecue... standing around the hot plate in the park with the blokes swatting flies and talking about beer - ah, you can't get much more AUSTRALIAN and MANLY than that! But Saturday found me in another of my occasional attempts at cooking dinner. Another attempt to provide for the family in a domestic mode, you know. The goal: A puffy, light, delicate souffle. T



We're expecting our hall carpet to get replaced soon. Yep, the landlady's finally doing something about all the worn carpet. Originally the plan had been for it to be stretched. It would happen shortly after we moved in, we were told. The guy would come, his carpet stretching equipment (which resembles props from the torture scene of a bad medieval movie) was already in the cupboard, waiting. Wel


Sprained ankle

I have sprained my ankle. Now, I'd like to claim that this was during some great activity - a national sporting event, paragliding, bungee jumping, rodeo, bullfighting, base jumping, something of that stretches the human physique to its limits. But no. I sprained my ankle getting off a bus. It's the bus driver I blame. You just don't expect the bus driver to be so friendly. He said "hi, how