Now I think I know what Jonathon Ross was on about when he talked about his baby daughter producing "the Exxon Valdez of poo". Yesterday we got to experience this for ourselves. My son Isaac had been saving his up. Saving it for a day and a half, in fact. There was tons of it up there.

And there was a rumbling. Then the sound of a truly massive poo ripped through the air.

We waited for it to stop, then got a look at the inside of the nappy, and oh, was it impressive. And then, more came. You know those TV pictures of volcanoes… showing the lava flowing down the mountain side… that’s what this looked like. Such power. Such awesome volume. You haven’t lived until you’ve experienced this for yourself. This is Power Poop.

(If poo is known as poop, should pee be known as peep?)

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