A quick look around the new Carrum station

I haven't managed to get to all the newly opened stations, but I did stop past Carrum for a little while on Wednesday night. Carrum opened on Monday, with some hiccups - late completion of testing (apparently due to a police operation) and sign-off of new signalling equipment resulted in a delay to the first Monday morning train services, and ongoing issues through the morning peak. https:


Finally: action on footpath motorcycle parking

At last! City of Melbourne tonight will debate changes to motorcycle parking in the CBD. What's the law? Motorcyclists can park virtually anywhere off-road - unless specifically signed otherwise. There are guidelines which aren't communicated well, and are widely ignored. The relevant rule provides exclusions to the usual parking limitations if the driver's vehicle is a motor cycle an


The Myki 90 day myth reborn

Remember back in the early days of Myki when the rumour spread that if you didn't use your card for 90 days, your credit would vanish? It wasn't true. A number of people including me tried to hose it down (not very successfully) but eventually people found via experience that it wasn't the case. My Myki card and Mobile My


What future for the FTZ?

The Free Tram Zone (FTZ) just turned five. It was introduced in January 2015. If you're wondering why there was so much discussion on it last week, it's because submissions to a Parliamentary Inquiry on the topic just closed. Transport Matters Party MP Rod Barton, who moved for the Inquiry, posted an article addressing some concerns with the FTZ. You can see his motivation in all this is co

Photos from ten years ago

Old photos from January 2010

Continuing my long-running series of old photos from ten years ago... In January 2010 we took a short break in Inverloch, south Gippsland. The South Gippsland Tourist Railway no longer runs - it suspended operations in December 2015 apparently due to a lack of funds. Here are some snaps from when we visited.


Beautifully formatted, but missing half the information

Last month I noted that the State Government has prepared the "Big Build" calendar of major disruptions to the transport network. This calendar is easy to read, but it turns out it is fatally flawed. Below you can see how January looks. Note the absence of any disruptions today, 27th January - thanks in part to the early return of trains through Caulfield. The problem is... that's wr


Train/tram punctuality data is delayed again

In Victoria, public transport performance data (in particular reliability aka cancellations, and punctuality aka delays) is "usually published on the 10th of every month." - or so they claim, anyway. This typically gives eligible passengers just under 3 weeks to claim compensation. Applications normally close at the end of the month. But the publication of this data has been getting later a


The Redesdale bridge

A couple of weeks ago I passed through Redesdale, and its 152 year old bridge. This, by Australian standards, is pretty old. Despite the sign, it opened in 1868, not 1867. On approach, there's a warning sign about the width (3.2 metres) and height (4.3 metres) limit. Higher than the Montague Street Bridge, but not as capacious as bridges built to modern standards. Making the bridge doubl

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Enough delay. Time for climate action

Fires have ravaged south eastern Australia this summer. As I write this, cooler weather and even a little rain provided a few days of relief, but warmer weather is on the way. There's much of the fire season still to come. 26 people are dead. 8.4 million hectares are believed to have burnt - figures in Wikipedia indicate this is the biggest recorded for Australia's east coast. So far.