Me at forty.

Daniel at 40

(Well, 39 and 364 days, yesterday. I had this idea of taking my own picture. It’s startlingly difficult to get a half-decent shot, as you can see. Even the one I used shows something between my teeth — and a tree apparently growing out of the top of my head, though I’ve cropped most of it out.)

To be honest I feel a bit seedy today. Not enough sleep, a cold, and the events of the last couple of weeks mean I haven’t organised anything to mark the occasion except with family. Maybe in a few weeks when the dust settles.

Happy birthday to me

Last year of my 30s starts today.

While I’d love to have a lazy day at home and a big party, I haven’t been organised enough, so neither will happen. Instead it’ll be a work day, punctuated by breakfast with my boys, lunch with my girl, and dinner with my Posse of TroUblemAkers — family catchup will be on the weekend.

Doctor Who birthdate game

Just a game I thought of: what Doctor Who episode aired on or closest to your birthday?

Check this list to find out.

(I guess those born before 1963 or in the 90s will probably gravitate to one of two episodes…)

Me: Inferno, episode 7 (third Doctor, 1970). This was a classic slow burn story (excuse the pun) and episode 7 included the resolution from one of my favourite cliffhangers ever.

If I had the time, I’d whip up an applet to do the hard work for you, but I don’t, sorry.


Today I turn 37. Which I figure means I’m leaving my mid-thirties.

I have to work today, and my footy tips are descending into farce, but on the bright side, the weather has turned good (25 degrees forecast today!), and it was nice to have a few people over yesterday to celebrate (even if it means excessive tidying/cleaning beforehand, and then a little more afterwards, for instance to make sure no young relatives have left cake smeared into the floor).

Hmm, I’m curious. How old are the people that read my blog? Leave your age with your comment. Go on, I dare you.

PS. Results here.

Happy birthday to me

Turned 36 today.

Biggest present: A big framed print of what is probably my favourite painting, Collins Street, 5pm (John Brack).

John Brack: Collins Street, 5pm

Other presents: Books to read, CDs and DVDs to listen to and watch, a really nice (and expensive) dinner at Il Solito Posto, a really nice (probably inexpensive) home-made dinner and birthday greetings by email, SMS and card.

And the family sitting in the back garden in the (occasional) sunshine drinking tea, eating cake, chatting and bouncing on the trampoline and pogo-stick. Another great birthday.

The birthday haul

Not a single dud:

  • Many nice cards
  • The new Ocean Colour Scene and Missy Higgins CDs
  • One of those super great and almost scarily sharp Yoshikin Global knives — seems to cut through stuff super smoothly… I’ll be sure to keep it out of the way of my fingers
  • Michael Farr’s book about Tintin
  • All three Matrix movies — must schedule a marathon at some stage
  • The last Lord Of The Rings movie (thus completing my set) — ditto, but it’s a daunting prospect
  • A very cool scarf
  • Robert Cringely‘s book Accidental Empires — I re-watched the TV show recently, so this should be a good read
  • Really interesting book called Freakonomics
  • 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die — I’ve got a lot of catching up to do
  • A very nice looking bottle of wine
  • Groovy t-shirt — like the scarf, from the very cool Village Idiom shop in Yarraville
  • Some money, which I’ve put towards a pair of new shoes
  • The company of some friends and family accompanied by fine food and drink

Thank you to all who contributed to a great birthday.