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How to contact Daniel:

Do you have a PTUA enquiry?

I am no longer the President of the Public Transport Users Association — that’s now Tony Morton. However I do provide media comment for the PTUA, particularly when Tony is not available.

To contact the PTUA, please refer to the contact the PTUA page or, for students, the PTUA’s page for students.

Please also note that posts on my blog do not (and never did) necessarily reflect PTUA policy.

Non-PTUA stuff

Blog: Leave a comment. (Please make it on-topic to the post you are responding to.)

Email: danielbowen at gmail dot com
Please accept my apologies if you don’t get a response within a reasonable timeframe. If you are expecting a response and don’t get one, feel free to re-send your message after one week. I sometimes get snowed-under by emails, and may not respond if it doesn’t seem like your email requires it, but I do appreciate receiving it.


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ICQ: 26933679 (Never used these days. Is ICQ even still running?)

You may also find me on sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. But please be aware that I do not normally respond to Friend requests from people I don’t actually know.

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One thought on “Contact Daniel

  1. Daniel,
    Just wanted to say I think your Toxic Custard site is great – just a total crackup. You have a great sense of humour and some of those questions must have you laughing for hours. Keep it up, please.
    Thanks… Richard
    ps: I love a good layer of vegemite

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