Old photos from February 2006

Continuing my series of ten year old photos: February 2006.

(As usual, you can click through any of them to view them on Flickr, where you can see each photo at a larger size.)

Kangaroos near Seymour, snapped on a break during a PTUA Planning Weekend; they used to regularly happen up there. (Originally posted here)
Near Seymour, February 2006

Walking Maisie the dog at Altona Beach. Maisie is getting a little elderly now, and doesn’t go to the beach anymore. I’m betting the skyline has changed just a bit.
Altona Beach, February 2006
Altona Beach, February 2006

The scourge of the Altona Loop: the single track. This hasn’t changed, but the adjoining Werribee line has got much busier, leading to a greater likelihood of trains skipping the Altona Loop so the single track doesn’t cause small delays to cascade into bigger ones.
Altona Beach, February 2006

Collins Street and Russell Street, not too long after the tram stop there closed. Trams still have to stop for the traffic lights of course.
Collins Street, February 2006

Collins Street outside the then-Australia On Collins building, currently being redeveloped. Back then fire fighters rarely took take any care not to block trams. These days they seem to have some protocols in place to try and avoid it.
Collins Street, February 2006

My childhood home in Hotham Street, St Kilda — for a blog entry posted in March 2006. It’s remarkable how little it’s changed, at least from the outside. The garages out the back certainly hadn’t changed. Nor, I suspect, had the brown flats in the background.
Hotham Street, East St Kilda, February 2006
Hotham Street, East St Kilda, February 2006

Old photos from January 2006

Continuing my series of posts of ten year old photos

New Year’s Eve 2005/06 was the second year of all-night trains, and I sampled them for myself.

Flinders Street station at about 1am was pretty busy. Still some crowds outside, very much a party atmosphere as I recall. The platforms and trains were pretty packed, but moving well. The smaller photos are from some video I shot. The last (bottom-right) photo is after getting off the train at Footscray.
Flinders Street Station, approx 1am 1/1/2006

New Years Eve trains, approx 1am, 1/1/2006

At Footscray, people were waiting for the 82 tram, which wasn’t running all night. This seems to happen every year. Perhaps they ought to simply run every tram route all night on NYE?

The redevelopment of Spencer Street/Southern Cross Station was nearing completion, but wasn’t quite finished yet. The renaming (throwing away 146 years of brand recognition) had taken place in December 2005. No sign of The Age building, which was built some years later.

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Inside the station. Note the temporary V/Line destination displays.
Spencer Street/Southern Cross station, January 2006

Spencer Street/Southern Cross station, January 2006

Mid-January, Sorrento Beach

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Mural marking former site of South Melbourne tram depot
Site of old South Melbourne depot, January 2006

Old desk, old computers at home. I think this was snapped for listing the desk on eBay.
Computers, January 2006

In 2006, some signage at loop stations still indicated trains to Mornington (closed in 1981) and suburban trains to Warragul (electric trains last ran there in 1998)
Map at Parliament station, January 2006

Melbourne’s landmark Nylex clock had been restored in 2005, but had failed again by early 2006.
Nylex sign not working, January 2006

Chaos at work as someone violated fridge etiquette
Work fridge anarchy, January 2006

Eureka Tower under construction. It was completed in June 2006.
Eureka Tower under construction, January 2006

Old photos from December 2005

Another from my series of ten year old photos. (Marcus Wong has joined in this game.)

Alas, not so many interesting ones from me in December 2005.

As noted in this post, on a single day, I received a truly dizzying amount of junk mail (plus two local newspapers). It was what finally prompted me to get a No Junk Mail sticker. I just wish I could explain to the newspaper delivery people that they don’t count as junk mail.
Junk mail received on one day, December 2005

The kids (then quite young) did this using the old Canon A70’s photo stitch feature. It turned out a bit wobbly, but shows some interesting sights around the house ten years ago. Use the scroll bars or view it big at Flickr.

Most of the walls seem to have been undecorated — a number of pictures now hang. The old huge desk, replaced soon afterwards. The old BBC Micro was still around (since given away). CRT monitors. The lace curtains are now in storage in the roof. The old bulky printer… I don’t remember what that was, but it’s since been replaced by a Canon unit 1/3 of the size which is still going strong after many years. The old green couch dated from the early-90s, and was finally replaced in 2007. Hidden behind one door is the music keyboard, which the kids used for years, but got given to a cousin just recently. The bookshelves have since been filled, and probably are in dire need of a clear-out.

Bourke Street Mall at Christmas time. The timestamp indicates it was around 11am on the 23rd, before the City got busy with lunchtime shoppers, though I get the impression these days it’s a lot busier at 11am this close to Christmas.
Bourke Street Mall, December 2005

And I should just say: Merry Christmas to all my blog readers. Hope you’ve had a good year, and that it’ll be an even better 2016!

Photos from November 2005

Leaving aside current events for a moment, here’s yet another in my series of ten year old photos

On Saturday 5th November 2005, The Age got the scoop on a big report to be launched by the Metropolitan Transport Forum.

The media was all over it, and caught me at Ripponlea station for a chat. I can see Nick Etchells, who still works for Channel 7. I think the other bloke is Channel 9, but I honestly don’t recall.
Being interviewed at Ripponlea station, 5/11/2015

Hmm, this looks like me, but with less grey hair.
Being interviewed at Ripponlea station, 5/11/2015

As my blog post from the time noted, the report kicked off a series of articles in The Age and other media.

The MTF report was launched by Peter Batchelor, who simultaneously managed to strenuously disagree with it, saying “An outsider comes in and makes a comment from far away, the reality is Melbourne has a terrific public transport system”. (My recollection is that on television he said “far far away“, which made his response seem even more like a fairy-tale.)

But such was the sustained criticism that the government eventually responded saying they’d launch a “Transport And Liveability Statement”, which morphed into the “Meeting Our Transport Challenges” report of May 2006. Among MOTC’s initiatives were the orbital Smartbuses (one didn’t eventuate but most were delivered), Doncaster Area Rapid Transit (DART) upgrades to buses, and the introduction of evening and Sunday bus services on most other bus routes, all welcome but it certainly wasn’t a miracle cure. I might write about MOTC another time — it caused something of a stir.

Footscray: speed sign stupidity. At the time I calculated that a vehicle driving at the speed limit would cover the distance between the two signs in 1.8 seconds.
Farnsworth Avenue, Footscray

Remembrance Day: Flinders and Swanston Street intersection stopped. Blog post from the time — this still happens at a handful of CBD intersections at 11am on 11/11, though I’ve been unable to find a definitive list of which intersections.
Remembrance Day 2005, Melbourne - Flinders/Swanston Streets

With my nephew Leo, then just a few months old.
Me with my nephew Leo, November 2005

A train hauled by a K-class steam engine runs express through Bentleigh. For a time, Steamrail did regular Caulfield to Mordialloc shuttles (stopping only at Mckinnon) as part of the Mckinnon festival.

Ten years ago this month: moving day

Another in my series of photos from ten years ago: October 2005. This time around, they’re pretty much all personal.

Ten years ago this month I moved into the house I bought in Bentleigh.

Day 1 was friends and cars moving little stuff. Thank you sincerely, friends.

All the computer gear, ready to leave the old house. Every last bit of this has been replaced, including the desk.
Moving day: computer equipment

Moving day: kitchen kaos

Here is a younger me, at the end of day 1, tired, slurping back a refreshing but sugary caffeine-loaded drink.
Moving day: Relief
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