Photos from March 2005

In my continuing quest to post ten year old photos, I went looking for good stuff from March 2005. There isn’t much of interest, alas.

It was the month that the new revamped rebooted Doctor Who started — on 26th March 2005 — and I did find this photo of Jeremy — not watching from behind the sofa per se, but close to it.
Doctor Who - watching from behind the sofa... almost

Oh, here’s an (official?) tenth anniversary video:

Small eggs — I think this was on a walk with Marita’s dog at Altona Beach. Any idea what type of bird laid these?
Small eggs near the beach

Finally, I have no idea why I did this, or why I filmed it: shaking up a bottle of Coke in the laundry, and seeing what happened. Perhaps I thought it was past its best by date and needed to be dumped, and decided to experiment with it? I honestly don’t remember.

That’s all I’ve got for this month. April’s looking much more interesting.

Old photos from February 2005

Some more in my series of photos from ten years ago. I seem to have very few of interest from February 2005.

Woo hoo! iPod Shuffle!
Bourke Street, February 2005

Little Collins Street, looking east. I’m not actually sure why I snapped this (actually I’ve got three similar photos), but note the car that’s got itself stuck between the pedestrians and the tram in “battleship grey”. Other than the tram colours which have changed a couple of times since, the scenery hasn’t changed that much, though the distinctive Council House 2 is now on the left hand side of the street further up.
Little Collins St, February 2005

That’s all for this month… more next time I hope!

Old photos from January 2005

Continuing my series of old photos from ten years ago

At the house in Carnegie, we had an old slide (which eventually got left there for whoever moved in after us) and a trampoline (which came with us, but in the end when we’d tired of it, got given to relatives who would use it more). Here I am mid-bounce, with my ancient Reg Mombassa Mambo for Greenpeace anti-car t-shirt.
Bouncing on the trampoline

Back when I did the all dishes by hand. Nowadays most of these would go in the dish washer. I love having a dish washer. The dish rack lasted me about ten years, but rust started to get to it, so it got replaced last year by a slightly smaller one that fits better in the space I have.

The train home from Warragul arrives. We’d gone down there for just a quick joy ride.
Warragul station

Asleep on the train home from Warragul. Well, probably pretending to sleep, getting one of the kids to snap the photo.
Asleep on the train home from Warragul

The Town Hall (Collins Street at Swanston Street) tram superstop opened in 2001. By 2003 route 109 had been extended to Box Hill. But by January 2005, the signs at the premier stop along the route still said Mont Albert. I think from memory I did send this photo around and eventually it got fixed. This type of thing eventually helped inspire the PTUA’s Problem Of The Day series in 2012-2013, highlighting mostly smallish public transport problems via photos.
Incorrect signage, Town Hall tram stop

Photos from December 2004

The Trugo mural in Yarraville. I added this photo to the Wikipedia article on Trugo, which is a sport believed to have been invented by railway workers in the 1920s. this image from Google Streetview, by 2009 the mural had deteriorated a bit. When I went past recently, they seemed to have patched it up, which is good. I thought I had a snap of it, but I can’t find it.
Trugo mural, Yarraville, December 2004

From time to time in the house in Carnegie that I lived in, this mysterious residue would appear, often around windows. I never figured out what it was, but I note with some alarm that occasionally something similar appears on one of the window ledges in my current house. It can’t be good, right? I’m not panicking though — I’ve got a guy coming in a few weeks to do some repair work; I’m sure he’ll sort it out.
Mysterious things in the old house

This looks to have been an attempt by Isaac to write Christmas cards to all of his classmates. I gather some school kids still do this.
Christmas cards

From a walk around Altona Beach with M and the dog. There were lots of flies… evidently I wasn’t having a good time with so many of them buzzing around.
Daniel under attack from flies

Another snap of Southern Cross Station under construction. This photo would have been taken from the south-east corner, at Collins/Spencer Streets.
Southern Cross Station under construction, December 2004

Finally, a photo which isn’t from 2004.

This is just a few weeks old, and is to wish everybody reading a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year… and an extra special thought to those who have lost someone dear to them recently.
Elizabeth Street, Christmas 2014

Recent photos

You know I’m busy when the blog posts are few and far between, and contain a lot of photos…

There do seem to be a lot sightings of Google Streetview cars recently. Here’s another. This one was resting.
Google Streetview car

Christmas shopping crowds at Southland shopping centre last weekend. It’ll get busier as the month rolls on, of course.
Southland shopping centre: Christmas crowds

Southland’s car park was packed, and the station somewhat… non-existent. If you want to be sneaky during the shopping season, instead of hunting for a car park at Southland, park across the street. But shhhh! Don’t tell too many people! (No, that’s not my Merc.)
Sneaky parking at Southland

“That’s the second biggest inflatable Christmas gift I’ve ever seen!” At Southern Cross station. I think there was a sign saying it’s in support of a charity.
Big Christmas present, Southern Cross Station

Those audio-visual ads at underground stations may be irritating, but occasionally serve up some geek amusement, such as this 404 error. Mind you it disappeared after a few seconds.
404 on web page ad, Flagstaff station

As the city gets busier, motorcyclists are taking up more of the pavement, even in pedestrian mall areas. This kind of unregulated constriction of pedestrian space really needs to be reviewed.
Motorcycle parking in Bourke Street Mall

…and in fact even police motorcyclists seem to be unaware of the guidelines that you shouldn’t park in a bus stop.
Perhaps even police are unaware the guidelines say you shouldn't park motorcycles in bus stops

Spotted in JB Hifi… The Beatles “Help”. Rated MA? Really?
The Beatles "Help" - rated MA?!

Good to see works continuing at Bentleigh station after the election. Ah, removal of the pointless blockage in the exit to platform 3 — good!
Bentleigh station works

Sure enough, passing a day or two later, it was gone, and extra Myki readers are going in too. Not sure of the wisdom on these for the rarely-used platform 3, but extras are going in on platform 2 as well.
Wider entrance and more Myki readers on platform 3 at Bentleigh

It was said the X’trapolis train on the Frankston line was just an election stunt. Some thought it would disappear straight after the election. Then the rumour was it would run for an extra week so it didn’t look like an election stunt. To my surprise, it’s still on the line — maybe they know the rumour got around, so it’s been left for a bit longer. It’s costing more money than the other trains as it has two drivers in the cab (as not all the lineside equipment has been fully modified) and is only scheduled on a couple of morning runs before spending the rest of the day in stabling.
The only X'Trapolis on the Frankston line, still running a week and a half after the election

Baaa! Waiting for trains to pass at Bentleigh station. While grade separation benefits motorists more than other groups, there’s no doubt pedestrians benefit too, though the need would be less great if the underpass had been left operational.
Baaa! Waiting for trains to pass

Birdlife at Albert Park lake. The ID tag on the swan made me ponder if that’s what some have in mind when they demand that cyclists have number plates… not really practical. (Has anywhere in the world done it?)
Albert Park Lake birdlife