Photos from November 2005

Leaving aside current events for a moment, here’s yet another in my series of ten year old photos

On Saturday 5th November 2005, The Age got the scoop on a big report to be launched by the Metropolitan Transport Forum.

The media was all over it, and caught me at Ripponlea station for a chat. I can see Nick Etchells, who still works for Channel 7. I think the other bloke is Channel 9, but I honestly don’t recall.
Being interviewed at Ripponlea station, 5/11/2015

Hmm, this looks like me, but with less grey hair.
Being interviewed at Ripponlea station, 5/11/2015

As my blog post from the time noted, the report kicked off a series of articles in The Age and other media.

The MTF report was launched by Peter Batchelor, who simultaneously managed to strenuously disagree with it, saying “An outsider comes in and makes a comment from far away, the reality is Melbourne has a terrific public transport system”. (My recollection is that on television he said “far far away“, which made his response seem even more like a fairy-tale.)

But such was the sustained criticism that the government eventually responded saying they’d launch a “Transport And Liveability Statement”, which morphed into the “Meeting Our Transport Challenges” report of May 2006. Among MOTC’s initiatives were the orbital Smartbuses (one didn’t eventuate but most were delivered), Doncaster Area Rapid Transit (DART) upgrades to buses, and the introduction of evening and Sunday bus services on most other bus routes, all welcome but it certainly wasn’t a miracle cure. I might write about MOTC another time — it caused something of a stir.

Footscray: speed sign stupidity. At the time I calculated that a vehicle driving at the speed limit would cover the distance between the two signs in 1.8 seconds.
Farnsworth Avenue, Footscray

Remembrance Day: Flinders and Swanston Street intersection stopped. Blog post from the time — this still happens at a handful of CBD intersections at 11am on 11/11, though I’ve been unable to find a definitive list of which intersections.
Remembrance Day 2005, Melbourne - Flinders/Swanston Streets

With my nephew Leo, then just a few months old.
Me with my nephew Leo, November 2005

A train hauled by a K-class steam engine runs express through Bentleigh. For a time, Steamrail did regular Caulfield to Mordialloc shuttles (stopping only at Mckinnon) as part of the Mckinnon festival.

Ten years ago this month: moving day

Another in my series of photos from ten years ago: October 2005. This time around, they’re pretty much all personal.

Ten years ago this month I moved into the house I bought in Bentleigh.

Day 1 was friends and cars moving little stuff. Thank you sincerely, friends.

All the computer gear, ready to leave the old house. Every last bit of this has been replaced, including the desk.
Moving day: computer equipment

Moving day: kitchen kaos

Here is a younger me, at the end of day 1, tired, slurping back a refreshing but sugary caffeine-loaded drink.
Moving day: Relief
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New camera

Obviously the best camera you have is the one you have with you.

Normally that’s my phone. Sometimes I’ll also have my ~4 year old Canon IXUS 115, which is compact, but takes some great photos.

But for my birthday I treated myself to a DSLR, a Canon 700D (spotted on sale + cashback offer + birthday contribution from family + birthday present to myself = hard to resist), and have been snapping away during lunchtime walks. Here’s a couple of pics from earlier this week with a telephoto lens borrowed from one of my sons. (We’re definitely a Canon family.)

Footbridge, Princes Bridge, MCG, Melbourne

Looking north up Queen Street, Melbourne

More to come, you can be sure of it.

Old photos from September 2005

Another in my series of photos from ten years ago.

Bourke Street (at Swanston Street) tram platform stops just being completed, it looks like. Note the old “The Met” tram stop sign — in a mix of brands with the then-new Metlink and Yarra Trams. The realtime display must have been pretty new. And of course, lunchtime trams were crowded some ten years before the Free Tram Zone was instituted.
Bourke Street, Melbourne (2005)

Ditto Bourke Street (at Elizabeth Street). At the right, St George Bank has since been bought by Westpac and rebranded as Bank Of Melbourne, but is still in that building. The same building has a Kathmandu (which is moving to the Galleria, at left, this summer). You can also see a glimpse of an Angus And Robertson sign — they’ve since departed. This tram stop (and some others) later needed to be rebuilt to modify the height for level boarding.
Bourke Street, Melbourne (2005)

One morning walking to work I spotted this at the Old Treasury Building, aka the City Museum. Some kind of revolutionary demonstration? No, just filming on the steps.
Filming an ad for Holden Viva, Old Treasury building, Melbourne (2005)

What were they filming? This Holden Viva car commercial:

I’d won the footy tipping in 2004… here I am handing over the trophy to Rob for winning, on Grand Final Day 2005. These days of course the One Day In September is now in October. I won again in 2014, but Rae won 2015, so I’ll be handing the trophy back on Saturday. (Pic by Tony)
Rob and Daniel and the footy tipping trophy, Grand Final Day 2005 (Pic: Anthony Malloy)

Gog and Magog. I used it for this piece of amusement, and also in this piece on the Free Tram Zone.
Gog and Magog, Royal Arcade, Melbourne (2005)

Photos from ten years ago: Canberra

Almost all my photos from August 2005 seem to be from a three day Canberra trip (actually the only time I’ve been to Canberra). I remember it being cold but fun.

And many of the photos are from around the Parliament Houses (old and new).

Old Parliament House:
Old Parliament House, Canberra, August 2005

Old Parliament House, Canberra, August 2005

New Parliament House. I think this was the approach from Canberra Avenue. Obviously there were works going on at the time.
Parliament House, Canberra, August 2005

It’s rather impressive up close.
Parliament House, Canberra, August 2005

At the time there seemed to be pretty free easy access to the top. Can you still go up there?
Parliament House, Canberra, August 2005

Inside: the House of Representatives.
House of Representatives, Parliament House, Canberra, August 2005

The Senate. In contrast to some of PM Abbott’s appearances, only two flags — almost seems unpatriotic in comparison.
The Senate, Parliament House, Canberra, August 2005

A panorama from the roof of Parliament House. Use the scroll bar to move across, or view the large size at Flickr.

A typical Canberra bus shelter. They look funny to this Melburnian’s eyes, but you can’t deny they’d provide actual shelter from the weather, unlike the glorified advertising billboards we often get here.
Bus stop, Canberra, August 2005

This was snapped out of the plane window as we left Canberra. Makes you realise how low-rise it is (or at least, was).
Canberra from the air, August 2005

The Black Mountain/Telstra Tower. Shame we didn’t get a chance to go up there.
Canberra from the air, August 2005