Here is my wine collection

Here is my wine cellar collection. It sits up in the cupboard. My wine purchasing strategy is as follows:

  • Buy the ones with the interesting looking labels (‘cos I know stuff-all about wine)
  • Because I don’t consume them at a rate of knots, I buy bottles of moderately cheapish wine, keep it for a few years, then drink it (this accounts for the many bottles of Hardy’s Regional Reserve…)
  • Wait until the collection’s looking a little depleted, then buy 6 or 12 at once for a discount
  • Buy a handful of the more expensive ones… ummm.. just… ‘cos

Wine collection

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For a rather more reasoned strategy to budget wine purchases, see Josh’s slightly dated wine guide.

Here are my newest and oldest clothes

Here are my oldest and newest items of clothing. (Well, if you don’t count the socks I bought last week.)

Old red jumpernew coat

The red jumper is an Exacto brand windcheater which dates from probably about 1989 or 1990. It still gets an outing on cold evenings at home, and when painting (note the paint stain, a fairly recent addition).

The coat I bought a couple of weeks ago, and I like it so much that I’m wearing it at every opportunity.

Here is my new suit

Here is my rather nice new (rather expensive) suit, seen over a startlingly bright red shirt I bought recently. (Rather more RED than I saw in the shop, admittedly.)


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Here is my lemon tree

Most gardens in Melbourne seem to have a lemon tree. Here’s mine.

Lemon tree

I must confess, I don’t water it as often as I should, and when I need lemons, I rarely remember to go look to see if it has one for me.

Do you have a lemon (or other fruit-bearing) tree in your garden? Post a link to it in the comments/trackbacks.

Here are my keys

Here are my keys. Well, all of them except those numerous unknown keys sitting in jars, their uses long forgotten.

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Here is my fridge door

Here we go, back to celebrating the mundane… Here is the inside of my fridge door:

And the milk? For some reason, I keep it in the main part of the fridge. Just habit, I suspect.

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Here is the contents of my wallet

I got given a new wallet on Monday, so a couple of days ago I transferred the contents of my old, decrepit one into it. On the way across, I took this picture.

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Here is my toaster

And now for a toast. (Tony and Rae are certainly deserving of one, this weekend.)

This is my Sunbeam toaster, still going strong after over a decade of toastie goodness. Happily handles crumpets and those big slices of bread from the delicious Vienna loaves I sometimes get at the bakery down the road. Yum.


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