Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-03-12

  • Is Oak flavoured milk trying to make their product appeal to psychos who wander the streets mumbling to themselves? #
  • Surprised people with a trolley full of stuff use the self-service checkout. Even with a queue, human checkouts much quicker. #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-03-05

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Twitter highlights part 4

This post in a continuing series covers the first half of 2009. (Why?)

January 2009

noted a lot of joggers about. New year’s resolutions? There’s a few people out on the roads who should resolve to indicate. 5:28 PM Jan 1st from txt

watching Marita beat up virtual people in Wii boxing. 12:23 PM Jan 3rd from web

is not the new Doctor Who. 7:59 PM Jan 5th from web

barrelled over to Bunnings on the bus to replace a blown bathroom bulb. 4:55 PM Jan 8th from web

wishing wasn’t using the Sandy line today: delays earlier due to equipment failure, and now “police operations” at Balaclava. Wish me luck. 4:46 PM Jan 13th from web

With other Sandy line refugees on packed sweaty tram. 5:10 PM Jan 13th from txt

Girl on tram fainted, she’s ok now though, her fellow commuters came to her aid with water and first aid advice. 5:29 PM Jan 13th from txt

is seeing which clowns are quoted in this morning’s Age editorial 7:32 AM Jan 15th from web
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Local goss via Twitter

Twitter allows one to search, and provides RSS for search results, so you can feed it into RSS readers like Google Reader to keep track of Twitter references to your preferred keyword.

So I thought I’d set up one for Bentleigh, which tells me what’s going on in my neighbourhood.

Happily I don’t live in Springfield or somewhere with a name that’s very common, and most of the Tweets I see are about Bentleigh.

With one major exception: There’s a lady out there in cyberspace (in Charlotte, North Carolina, to be precise) who owns a dog called Bentleigh, and she loves Tweeting about him.

So amongst the updates discussing the pros and cons of the neighbourhood, or highlighting the presence of jobs, property, traffic snarls due to tow trucks, speed cameras, and really important FourSquare posts, there’ll be something like:

“I love bentleigh! His furry ass keeps me entertained!”


“Throwin on my uggs! Puttin bentleigh in his jacket! Quick walk before the snow sticks! :/ brrrrrr”


Fortunately I’ve found that as with a Google Search, you can include a minus sign and a word you want to exclude from your results, so I’ve been able to filter out most of the dog references.

No offence to the dog, of course.

Myki newsflash

This was my favourite Twitter post of the week, which I’m repeating here while it’s still timely:

NEWSFLASH: Govt to change state to the Assyrian Calendar, giving 3 more months to get #Myki right “by the end of the year”

(W00t — Retweets!)

And yes if you’re wondering, I had done some research before posting it. Perhaps appropriately, the end of the Assyrian calendar year is the “Month of evil spirits”, or ܐܕܪ.

(Your computer will need to be configured to display non-Western alphabets to display that properly.)

Best #Myki machine display yet! GHY #fb on TwitpicThere is speculation of an imminent launch for Myki in Melbourne, but there’s been those kinds of rumours flying around for the last month or so.

Meanwhile it appears there are still a lot of evil spirits in the system, with scanners responding slowly or not at all, and on Wednesday for the second time I saw a Myki vending machine doing its weirdo update thing in the middle of the evening rush hour.

Who are these clowns whose Twitter posts get into the paper?

From last Saturday’s Herald Sun Weekend section:

Herald Sun Street Tweet 10/10/2009: Kangaroo Flat: apparently NOT named after an unfortunate wildlife accident.

It was sent when we were passing through Kangaroo Flat on the way to Bendigo the other week.

Train at Kangaroo Flat

(Thanks for spotting it, onegirlinmelb)

Twitter highlights part 3

Here, in the interests of data preservation, is the third instalment of my best Twitter posts.

July 2008

What’s this? From the man who brought you Myki (Peter Batchelor) comes a new coal-fired power station, the day before Garnaut reports?! 10:09 AM Jul 2nd, 2008 from web

Umbrella self-destructed, top flew off. At least the trains aren’t crowded, thanks to school holidays. 8:23 AM Jul 8th, 2008 from txt

Did a press conference with a bunch of other transport bods to some media in an otherwise empty room. 11:08 AM Jul 8th, 2008 from txt

At Sidetracked entertainment. While the kids all play laser force, the adults are all over Galaga and air hockey. 11:41 AM Jul 10th, 2008 from txt

They’re here! On the streets and in the shops! PILGRIMS! Being nice! 6:57 PM Jul 13th, 2008 from web — this was ahead of World Youth Day/week

Eddington submission in, with seconds to spare. 5:05 PM Jul 15th, 2008 from web

Getting utterly massacred by my sister in Scrabulous. 8:59 PM Jul 15th, 2008 from web

Two grown women on train discussing how they have no idea if Ireland is connected to the rest of Britain. 9:13 AM Jul 17th, 2008 from txt
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